Account Security for the Fashionable App Developer

In the same way that we feel safe giving our info to some app and nervous giving our info to other apps, your users have some feeling of safety or concern with the apps you develop. We’ll go over design patterns and Python libraries that will help you protect your user’s accounts.

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About Asheesh Laroia

Asheesh Laroia is a software engineer currently working at

His professional background touches machine learning, security, and linguistics. He ran an open source outreach nonprofit called OpenHatch for five years; helped start the Boston Python Workshop for women and their friends; has been teaching Python to newcomers since 2004, including at Noisebridge and the EFF; and has advised user groups on how to make their events more newcomer-friendly and gender-diverse. He's worked at Stripe, Eventbrite, Sandstorm, Creative Commons, and OpenHatch.