The Team

PyCascades is organized by members of the Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland Python communities. Our goal is to host a diverse, accessible, and memorable conference.

Feel free to reach out to anyone of us with suggestions, concerns or even just to say that you're excited to see us in Seattle 😇.

Alan Vezina

Conference Chair

Alan is a co-organizer of Puget Sound Programming Python (PuPPy) and works as a software engineer in Seattle, Washington.

Thea Flowers

Conference Chair

Thea is an open-source advocate, member of the Python Packaging Authority, maintainer of far too many Python libraries, and part of the Seattle Python community.

Karen McFarland


Karen is on the Puget Sound Programming Python (PuPPy) organizing team and works as a data and analytics lead for a consulting firm in Seattle, Washington.

Eloisa Tran


Eloisa is a Data Scientist and Tech Community Organizer of PyData by NumFOCUS, NLP, and PyLadies Seattle. Founder of Women in Data Science conference in Seattle. As an active member of our Seattle tech community Elo collaborates with multiple nonprofit tech organizations to promote diversity and inclusion programs to support women in the field.

Georgia Reh


Georgia Reh is a Portland-based mathematician, rock climber, pylady, git surgeon, and friends with every dog she’s ever met

Maelle Vance


By day, Maelle is a Data Engineer, using Python to wrangle all the data! When she's not working, you can usually find her meeting everybody in the Seattle Python community.

Carmen Chow


Carmen is currently a full-stack Javascript developer, but got started with software development by learning Python and uses Django in her side projects! She's very excited to become more involved in the community!

Bryan Chow

Working by day as a Python web developer, Bryan is a long-time organizer of the Vancouver Python and Django user groups, and a founder of Vancouver Python Day, a mini-conference held in 2014 and 2016.

Don Sheu

Don founded PuPPy Seattle’s Python user group with Dusty Phillips. Over three years, PuPPy has grown to include over 4000 members in its welcoming community. During that time PuPPy hosted over 6000 attendees during 40 large turnout events.

To expand support for early-stage engineer founders, Don is launching a venture capital fund named Pythonic Ventures.

Eric Holscher

Eric is co-founder of Read the Docs and Write the Docs, a director of the Python Software Foundation, and a proud member of the Portland Python community.

Mariatta Wijaya

Mariatta is a Python Core Developer and a co-organizer of Vancouver PyLadies. She moved to Canada almost two decades ago, and now considers Vancouver as her home.

Sebastian Vetter

Sebastian is an organizer of the Vancouver Python and Django groups, and a co-organizer of Vancouver Python Day. Seb has been a Vancouverite for almost three years now and loves it here. He is part of the local Python community as much as he loves the outdoor scene. He can’t wait to share the beauty of Vancouver with you all!